Wednesday, April 26, 2006

What's all this, then?

It's easy to assume that keeping up with new developments on the Internet is someone else's job—probably somebody in IT. But some of the experiments of the last few years are becoming useful tools for business. Some are maturing into places where people share their opinions with global audiences, bypassing the traditional media gatekeepers. Some have become powerful market intelligence resources. And some really are a waste of time. So many new sites keep popping up, and it's just too much to keep up with if it's not your job.

Welcome to the Net-Savvy Executive. A blog that makes technology innovations relevant for non-technical business leaders. Because this stuff is much too important to leave to someone in IT. This is customers taking control of your brand, publishing their opinions of your company, sharing their worst experiences—or making stuff up. It's a world of powerful new tools for keeping tabs on your market. It's your computer bringing information to you, rather than waiting for you to ask for it.