Tuesday, September 19, 2006

How not to succeed online

I was thinking about "how to" articles on the Internet this morning. Writing a "how to" post is a popular tactic for getting attention for a blog, and everyone does it. This morning, I came across a "how not to" post that got me thinking about how they're different. I have a great "how not to" example for business, too.

I wrote how not to handle confidential information last week. This morning I came across Joe Wikert's post on how not to solve the "DVR problem." I haven't seen anything on how not to talk like a pirate, though.

And then there's the case of the Belgian court decision that requires Google to remove Belgian newspaper stories from its services. Is anyone really surprised that Google followed the court order to the letter and removed the newspapers entirely from Google Belgium? How not to succeed in Internet marketing, in one easy lesson. There's a whole industry built on optimizing a site's placement in search engine results, but in this case, some media companies used the court to achieve the opposite.

Who else has a good "how not to" story?



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