Monday, July 31, 2006

Feeds for market intelligence delivery

I've been working on an idea to improve the delivery of market intelligence within companies by combining feeds and some specialized services from various Web 2.0 companies. The goal is to create an intelligence environment that helps companies extract more value from information they already pay for, and to leverage the open-source intelligence capabilities of specialized search services. The original idea grew out of the personal dashboard I've kept since 1997.

I've worked in companies with major investments in outside research. To get to the information, we had to go to an internal web site to find out how to connect to each research firms' results. Then we had to go to each outside site with a different password and search through the research firm's results to find anything useful. The process all but guaranteed that most managers wouldn't have time to learn what was available. With feeds, the research can come to its audience, instead of waiting for people to find it.

The process starts by combining internal and external sources of market intelligence, such as internally generated competitive intelligence, analyst reports, news sites, and blog monitoring services. Add a capability for internal analysts to tag and prioritize entries, and deliver the result to multiple channels based on per-user, per-tag preferences. The end product is an individually customized intelligence environment, where information is available on web sites, feed readers, email clients, and mobile devices, and the most urgent information can be pushed to mobile phones via SMS.

You could build a system like this with a combination of free web-based services, but companies need to be able to keep the information confidential. What's needed is a system that does it all inside the firewall.

I was thinking of starting a company to build this system, but then I discovered that you can do most of it with NewsGator Enterprise Server. Maybe I should work with them, instead.


Aside: What's the guess on how long it'll be before this post gets its first visit from Clock starts... now.

Update: Just over 2.5 hours.


At 8/02/2006 2:54 PM, Blogger Scott Niesen said...

Not Newsgator but Attensa -

AttentionStream technology is key to building a market intelligence that gets better the more people use it.

If you're looking at the Newsgator Enterprise Server take a look at the Attensa Feed Server too.

The primary differences in our approach are based on our unique AttentionStream technology, our synchronization architecture and a feed reading experience that helps people cut through information overload.

The Attensa Feed Server is an appliance that lets IT organizations manage internal and external Web feeds and assign specific feeds to users and groups. AttentionStream synchronization ties desktop, web and mobile RSS reader clients together so articles read, filed and deleted are treated consistently across all of the clients.

Explicit and implicit attention behaviors are tracked and measured as users read and process their feeds and articles providing metrics and reports that can be used to by the organization to identify thought leaders, locate experts and track key strategic issues and productivity trends.

For individual users our AttentionStream technology intelligently prioritizes feeds and articles so the most relevant information automatically rises to the top to help cut through information overload.

Attensa for Outlook is a feed reader designed for serious business users. It works inside of Outlook and provides information workers with a persistent search tool that tracks 17 search engines and search engines and sutomatically sends articles containing search terms as soon as the information is published.

It also supports:

Tagging to add social netowrking context to articles

Authentication for secure internal and external feeds

The ability to import and export custom OPML files that include not just the the list of web feeds and subscription data but also the associated AttentionStream prioritization data.

The ability to forward web feed articles and to reblog an article as easily as sending an email.

Obviously I could go on all day.

There's a great overview of our feed server on WebProNews -

I'd be happy to answer any specific questions. Email me at sniesen [at] attensa [dot] com.

At 8/02/2006 5:24 PM, Blogger Nathan Gilliatt said...

Obviously I could go on all day.

And half of the night? OK, there are competing enterprise RSS solutions. It'll be interesting to see how that plays out. I like Attensa's product strategy of launching with an appliance, although it seems like something that will appeal to the network infrastructure group more than sysadmins. It'll probably help you with smaller, less-sophisticated customers, though.

And yes, I would like to chat in a quieter setting.

So, how are people doing evangelizing the value of feeds to the non-IT constituencies inside their clients?


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