Thursday, July 27, 2006

Can't keep bad habits secret

If you pay any attention to blogs and their impact on business (and it's getting harder to ignore), you'll see a tendency among bloggers to attack companies that have problems or bad habits. Showing the world a friendly face while hiding customer-hostile policies behind the "company confidential" veil isn't a lasting strategy in our age of involuntary transparency. If your business processes and policies are making enemies for you, expect embarassing facts to come out eventually. Bloggers especially seem to enjoy shining a light where companies don't want it shone.
A plain manila envelope arrived on our desk this week. Inside was the eighty-one paged "Enhanced Sales Training for AOL Retention Consultants" manual. Upon opening, the flowchart, "Guide to a World-Class Retention Call," fell out.

Consumerist, AOL Retention Manual Revealed

Shel Holtz summarizes with this observation: "There are no secrets anymore, just information the audience doesn't yet have."



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