Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Even faster search

Inquisitor (via Steve Rubel) looks like a nice timesaver. Like lots of great tools, it doesn't do much that you couldn't already do, but it makes everything just a bit easier. When you enter a search term on Inquisitor, it starts searching Google as soon as you start typing. As you continue to type in your search term, it runs additional searches, in effect refining your search as you complete your query. It also suggests possible search terms based on what you've typed, another way to refine your search.

If you want to search something other than Google, it lists other search services below your query. Click on one, and it performs the same search on the new source. Quick, simple, and a convenient reminder of some of the other tools for searching the Net.

Less typing, and you don't need to press <Enter> to start the search. Nice!


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